• Dr. Saeed Arif Shah (Director ORIC)

  • Seminar on DIDTA and Techniques

  • MOU ...PMYSD Programme with NAVTTC

  • PMYSD Programme with NAVTTC

  • Send-Off Ceremony: Turkish Scholarship Awardees

  • MOUs Signing with Turkish Universities


It has long been recognized that academic research plays an important role in promoting technological progress and economic growth. In particular, universities play two key roles: they contribute to economic growth through training of skilled personnel, especially in science and engineering; and they produce, store and disseminate research results, which form the basis for follow-on R&D by firms. Promotion of Research is one of the core strategic aims of UAJK. To organize the research activities of university, the UAJK has established fully functional ORIC (Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization)..Read More